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Refund Policy

Last Updated: 3 May 2024

At ICASAsePush, your satisfaction is our priority. We understand that there may be situations where you need to request a refund for your purchased services. Please read this Refund Policy carefully to understand the conditions under which refunds can be processed.

Our service is to facilitate the acquisition and delivery of Sparkling* hardware to our customers. However, it’s essential to clarify that we are not intermediaries in the use of this equipment, nor do we bear responsibility for its availability or functionality in any specific region or situation as that falls out of our scope of service.

While we are committed to delivering excellent customer service, please note that we only supply hardware and are not an Internet Service Provider. Once your order is confirmed, refunds will not be issued for service non-delivery by the provider.

1. Eligibility for Refund

We offer refunds under the following circumstances:

a. Service Unavailability: If our services become permanently unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances or business closure, and you have paid in advance, you are eligible for a refund.

b. Billing Errors: In case of billing errors, where you have been charged incorrectly, we will promptly investigate the issue and issue a refund if we find any overcharges.

2. Refund Request Procedure

To request a refund, please follow these steps:

a. Contact Support: Send an email to our customer support team at [email protected] stating the reason for your refund request. Please provide relevant details such as your name, contact information, invoice number, and a brief description of the issue.

b. Allow Processing Time: Our team will review your request and may need some time to investigate the issue. We will keep you informed of the progress via email.

c. Refund Approval: If your request meets the eligibility criteria mentioned in Section 1, we will approve the refund.

d. Refund Issuance: Once approved, we will process the refund to your original payment method or provide an alternative method if necessary.

3. Refund Timeline

The time it takes to process a refund may vary depending on factors such as the payment method used and the specific circumstances of the refund. Generally, refunds are processed within 7-14 business days after approval.

4. No-Refund Situations

Please note that refunds will not be issued in the following situations:

a. Service Usage: We do not offer refunds for services that have been used or partially used.

b. Change of Mind: Refunds will not be granted if you change your mind or decide you no longer require our services.

5. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Refund Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Email: [email protected]

6. Policy Updates

ICASAsePush reserves the right to amend or update this Refund Policy at any time. Any changes to the policy will be effective immediately upon posting on our website. Please check this page periodically for updates.

Your use of ICASAsePush services implies your agreement with this Refund Policy and any future revisions thereof.