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We are dedicated to bringing reliable internet to Africa. With SPARKLING* technology and commitment to service, we’re here to connect you wherever you are in South Africa! Stay connected, stay empowered, and unlock endless opportunities with ICASAsePUSH.

Self-Managed Solution

Our service streamlines the subscription process for you by directly configuring your Sparkling* subscription. We conduct comprehensive testing on all units and facilitate your enrollment in the most cost-effective Sparkling* subscription that ensures seamless African roaming connectivity. Once your device is activated, you’ll seamlessly transition to direct engagement with Sparkling*, thereby gaining access to their impressive array of features and benefits.

Why Sparkling*?

Travel with Sparkling*
Sparkling*’s Mobile plans allow you to take your high-speed, low-latency internet service anywhere.

Key Features

  • Not impacted by load-shedding (provided your device has power & a clear view of the sky)
  • Uncapped usage
  • Easy self-install
  • No contracts, cancel service at any time
  • Works anywhere with a clear view of the sky
  • Weather resistant


  • Delivery times: Estimated 6 weeks, based on location.
  • Applications: Best for residential users and everyday internet applications like streaming, video calls, online gaming & more.
  • Setup: Hassle-free Plug & Play installation with pre-configured device.
  • Instructions: Plug it in and point to the sky. Sparkling* requires an unobstructed view of the sky. No professional installation is needed.
  • What’s in the Box: The Sparkling* Kit arrives with everything you need to get online in minutes.
  • What you need to know: The Sparkling* Kit does not provide an Ethernet port. You will need to purchase a separate Ethernet Adapter.
  • Subscription: Self-Managed African Continental Roaming Subscription 
  • Accessories: Discover a comprehensive selection of compatible accessories here.

ICASAsePUSH gives you:

Shipping to regions not provided by Sparkling*

Estimated delivery within 6 weeks

Dedicated customer support

We go beyond simply providing the necessary equipment for setup and connection. Our service is dedicated to making sure you get connected, wherever you are. What’s even better? We’ve simplified the entire process of ordering and managing the service, allowing you complete peace of mind.

About Us

ICASAsePUSH provides turnkey solutions via satellite to operators seeking to launch or upgrade their service, offering the benefits of rapidly deployed video and/or internet services, low operational costs, high quality, and consistent end-user experience.

Our Vision

A society where every individual, regardless of location or politics, has equal access to technology, digital skills, and online opportunities, fostering widespread empowerment, innovation, and inclusive socio-economic growth.


Who is ICASAsePUSH, and how does it work?

ICASAsePUSH (ISP) works with Sparkling* resellers across Africa to scale their businesses by offering a one-stop marketing and customer support service. ISP takes care of taking orders, finding a local reseller, facilitating payments, tracking shipping, covering all ongoing customer support & ensuring ongoing connectivity.

How does payment work?

When you purchase a Sparkling* service, the product is automatically combined with a subscription, which is set up for you with Sparkling* directly. After purchasing the unit, you pay Sparkling* directly for monthly subscriptions.

How long does it take to arrive?

Shipments typically arrive within 4-6 weeks but may be subject to slight delays to some rural areas.

Will ICASAsePush help me to install?

Installation is easy; the most important consideration is finding an area with at least a 100° view of clear sky.  Our service area is too vast for us to sustain an installation crew; however, we will gladly help you find a local independent installer.

Can ICASAsePUSH help me anywhere in Africa?

Although your device will work anywhere on the African Continent. Our goal is to confidently serve South Africa.

Can I buy more than one?
Yes. We are happy to supply you with what you need. However, please note that each Kit requires a separate subscription.
I thought Sparkling* was banned in South Africa?

We absolutely refuse to buy into the idea that any government, especially those with policies stuck in the ‘dark ages,’ can hold back an entire population or individual from joining the global march forward. This sentiment isn’t limited to just the current South African government – we’re talking about any other equally ‘backward’ government out there. We proudly operate from beyond South Africa’s borders, equipped with a support system that’s ready to swoop in and rescue anyone in dire need of a connectivity lifeline! 😉🌍

Is ICASAsePush an Authorised Sparkling* reseller?

We are not. We have agreements with a network of Authorised African resellers and act as a business scaler for them. Depending on location, stock, response time and other factors, we find the best match between customers & the resellers.

Sparkling* (FAQ)

What is Sparkling*?

Diligent copyright lawyers have pointed out that we cannot call a spade a spade, so we are now the proud proprietors of Sparkling* dishes and accessories. 🥸🧐😜

Where is Sparkling* available?

Sparkling* can work almost anywhere. However, most of our clients get a subscription that enables them to have access anywhere on the African Continent.

How fast is Sparkling* internet?

We’ve tested a couple of devices and we’ve found the speedtest provide results in the area of 50-200 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speeds.

What are the data caps for Sparkling*?

Sparkling* does not have any data caps. Users can download and upload as much data as needed without additional charges.

How do I set up Sparkling*?

Setting up Sparkling* is simple. Once you have received your user terminal, you can follow the instructions in the box to install and activate the service. The most important part of the setup is to find a spot where the sky is unobstructed. The wider the view of the clear sky, the better your connection will be.

How do I troubleshoot Sparkling* problems?

If you have problems with your connection, please feel free to chat or talk to one of our support team, who will tend to your every need.

What are the pros and cons of Sparkling*?


  • High-speed internet access
  • Low latency
  • No data caps
  • Easy to install and use


  • Expensive user terminal
  • Service can be intermittent in some areas
  • Still under development
Is Sparkling* reliable?

According to Sparkling*, their internet service has become increasingly reliable in recent months, with users now experiencing consistent speeds and low latency. Additionally, Sparkling* does not have cables or batteries that can be stolen, and users do not experience slower speeds during loadshedding.

Can I use Sparkling* for gaming?

While it’s a commendable choice when fibre internet isn’t available, it falls slightly short of fibre’s seamless performance. Moreover, the current ping rates offered by roaming subscriptions are far from ideal for gaming. Nevertheless, Sparkling* is your top-notch alternative in areas where fibre remains an elusive dream.

Can I use Sparkling* for streaming video?

Yes, you can use Sparkling* for streaming video. Sparkling* has high speeds, which is essential for streaming high-quality video.

Our clients have found that Disney+ as well as F1 doesn’t work using a Sparkling* device due to IP Address restrictions.

Can I use Sparkling* for work or school?

Yes, you can use Sparkling* for work or school. Sparkling* is reliable and offers high speeds, which is vital for many work and school tasks.

Can I use Sparkling* in my caravan or boat?

Yes, you can use Sparkling* in your caravan or boat. Sparkling* is a portable service, so you can take it anywhere. Keep in mind the unit needs to be stationary to work. However, you can take with you when you travel and plug it in when needed.

Can I use Sparkling* at my Campsite or Restaurant?

Yes, you can use Sparkling* to provide internet for your customers. Use Sparkling* to stand out from the competition. Talk to us about how to streamline and bolster the connectivity with specifically designed hardware such as routers, etc.

Can I use Sparkling* in bad weather?

Sparkling* is designed to work in all weather conditions. However, extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow, can impact performance.

The team at ICASA se Push was wonderful! Very helpful, punctual and always ready to lend a helping hand.

– Janet R

Communication was clear and consistent, shipping was prompt, the overall experience was painless and reliable. 5-star recommendation from me!

– Sara B

Shipping arrived much quicker than published, and the setup was complete and connecting to it was easy to follow. Internet speed is decent. Thanks manne!

– Jan V

We have internet again!! I can’t thank the team at ICASA se Push enough for their brilliant service! Even a technophobic noob like me could get it all sorted quickly.

– Kate C

Brilliant team, fantastic service and product, give these dudes a Bells!

– Barry S

The support was amazing, every step of the way. Highly recommend the team and their service. Thank you.

-Harry T