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Device and Subscription Setup (stand alone)


  • This product is for those who already have a standard kit that is in need of help to get it connected
  • If you have a kit that is currently “managed” by someone else – please note that their “service” is in direct violation of Sprinkling’s* copyright and they may be subject to a delayed action to disable the hardware.
    Though this is not something that our customers are exposed to, we need to point out that any delayed action by Sparkling* to deactivate hardware is beyond our control & we are unable to revive those kits.
  • This product is a one-off fee and includes your first month’s subscription. There are no ongoing payments to us.
  • Once your setup is done, you will be debited every month by Sparkling* and receive your invoices on their portal.
  • We help you set up your subscription directly with Sparkling* and enjoy full control and customization.
  • Order today and get your kit connected to enjoy the best of Sparkling*.

Your Sparkling* Account

To set up your Sparkling* account, we kindly request the following details. You’ll have the opportunity to provide billing and delivery information during the checkout process.

Each kit must be associated with a Sparkling* Account. Kindly provide us with a Name, Surname and Email address for your Sparkling* Account.
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Do you have a new Sparkling* kit or one that is currently managed by a third-party provider?

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of Sparkling* without paying extra fees to a middleman?

If yes, then you need our Sparkling* Subscription conversion service.

Our service will help you switch from a managed subscription to a self-managed subscription for Sparkling* in a few simple steps:

  • You order this product.
  • We help you set up your subscription directly with Sparkling* and cut out any unnecessary third parties and costs.
  • You get your first-month subscription included in the setup, worth R1800*.
  • From then on, you get billed by Sparkling* directly and you have full control over your device and account.

With our service, you will have full control over your subscription and you will be able to customise it according to your needs. You will also have access to Sparkling*’s impressive array of features and benefits, such as:

  • High-speed internet with unlimited data.
  • Seamless roaming across the African continent.
  • Dedicated customer service and technical support from Sparkling*.
  • The Sparkling* app
  • Service Pause/ Cancel/ Resubscribe at any time

The estimated subscription costs for Sparkling* are:

  • Standard Subscription (no priority data): R1,800 - R2,200 per month

Don’t miss this opportunity to save money and enjoy the best of Sparkling*.

*Please note, these prices are estimates only; the actual price depends on the exchange rates at the time

**All payments for the subscription are made to Sparkling* directly. We do not facilitate or have any ongoing involvement with subscriptions.